Marble (Choc/Butter)- Can't decide on a flavor? Love chocolate and "yellow cake"? Marble is a perfect swirled combination of both!

Peach Bellini- Our popular champagne cake topped with a delicious peach cream cheese frosting!

Butter Pecan- The richest, butteriest, most outstandingly pecan-iest cake we can make!

Chocolate Covered Cherry- Our moist Hershey's chocolate cake topped with smooth cherry buttercream.

Chocolate Brownie Fudge: Chocolate overdose! Worlds collide for a chocolate cake and brownie batter and drizzle of chocolate fudge ganache! Chocolate buttercream is added for Cupcakes & Yum Jars!

Buttered Popcorn- Talk about salty and sweet colliding!

Black Forest- Our moist hershey's chocolate cake, filled with whipped frosting and cherries.

*Champagne: A rising new popular flavor- A cake that is super moist and full of champagne flavor! Perfect for New Year’s Eve, Weddings, Engagement Parties or any special occasion!

Pina Colada: Take your taste buds to the beach with this flavor! The Filled with pineapple preserves and frosted with a coconut buttercream and garnished with toasted coconut, a pineapple wedges and a cherry on top!

Lemon Tart: Our fragrant lemon cake frosted with a lemon-vanilla buttercream and topped with a fresh lemon wedges!​

Chocolate Lovers: Our delicious Hershey's chocolate cake topped with our decadent homemade chocolate frosting and drizzled with milk chocolate!

Turtle: Our delicious Hershey's chocolate cake with a caramel-pretzel frosting, drizzled with a sweet caramel sauce and topped with pretzel pieces!

Chocolate Vanilla: ​Our best selling vanilla cake topped with our decadent homemade chocolate frosting!

*Birthday Cake: Our best selling vanilla cake topped with delicious buttercream frosting and party is complete without sprinkles!

Strawberry Sundae:  Our best selling vanilla cake frosted with strawberry milkshake frosting and a milk chocolate ganache. Complete with sprinkles and a cherry on top!

Cherry Limeade: A tart lime cake and frosted with a maraschino cherry buttercream, rimmed with sparkling sugar and a cherry on top!

After Dinner Mint: A mint infused chocolate cake topped with a mint buttercream and Andes mints!

German Choc: Light chocolate cake with classic toasted coconut-pecan frosting!

Italian Cream: A southern, old fashioned staple from Granny's cookbook. Moist, fluffy, and full of buttery-vanilla-coconut-pecan flavor complemented by a pecan and toasted coconut cream cheese frosting. 

Hummingbird: Another Southern tradition, a Banana-Pineapple Spice cake packed full of pecans and frosted in a deliciously nutty cream cheese frosting.

Scarlet(Red Velvet): A chef at New York's Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in the 1920s began serving this devilish red chocolate cake with a cream cheese frosting. Patrons could not get enough of this at the time! So much so that he sold his recipe for $350 (that is about $4,470.96 today). The popularity of our velvety red "Scarlet" is just the same as in 1920! 

Mocha Latte: Our version of a Mocha Latte is a double shot of flavor! A rich and flavorful coffee cake creates the foundation. We spread on a thick layer of Chocolate-Coffee Frosting and drizzle it with caramel and chocolate—and you don't have to wait in the drive-thru for it.

Toasted Coconut: Our take on a Southern tradition. A cake packed with coconut flavor and frosted in a delicious light and airy whipped frosting. Sprinkled with toasted coconut to garnish!

Orange Dreamsicle: A light, flavorful citrus cake with buttercream frosting. Perfect for any summer gathering!

Snickerdoodle: A warm cinnamon graham cake made with cinnamon, vanilla and butter. Frosted with a cinnamon sugar buttercream.

Southern Caramel: A classic yellow cake with decadently rich caramel frosting! Also available in our Thin Layer Cake!

Butterfinger: Our delicious butter cake, packed full of Butterfingers bits and topped with our decadent chocolate frosting and sprinkled with more Butterfingers bits!

Wildberry: A blast of Strawberries and Blueberries combine in this delicious cake, flavored with local honey. Topped with a Honey-Buttercream or Honey-Creamcheese frosting! 

Black+White: Our ever popular Hershey's chocolate cake topped with buttercream frosting and dusted with cocoa powder.

*Strawberry: Fresh strawberries take over our vanilla cake and make pink goodness! Topped with Buttercream frosting or, a popular favorite, Strawberry cream cheese frosting!

*Oreo: Someone spilled the cookie jar into the mixer! This cake is loaded with Doublestuffed Oreo cookies and frosted with an Oreo cookie buttercream!

Kahlua Cream: A coffee- flavored liqueur cake topped with our delicious chocolate frosting.

Tiramisu: A coffee and rum soaked cake topped with Marsala cream-cheese frosting!

Banana: It is B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

Raspberry: A sweet delicate raspberry flavored cake topped with buttercream frosting.

Key Lime: A zippy & bright key lime flavored cake topped with Key Lime buttercream or Key Lime cream-cheese!

Pumpkin Spice: *Seasonal Flavor*

Peanut Butter: This cake taste like you just grabbed a spoonful out of the jar! Topped with our homemade buttercream frosting!

Fruity Pebble​: Someone spilled the Fruity Pebbles into our cake batter...and we LOVE it! Topped with buttercream frosting.

*Almond: Also known as "Wedding Cake". A popular, traditional almond flavored cake. Topped with buttercream frosting.

Blueberry: Our vanilla cake with an explosion of blueberries mixed throughout!

Carrot Cake: Cinnamon, spice and all things fresh grated carrots and pecans! Topped with pecan cream cheese.

Butter: AKA "Yellow Cake"!

*Thin Layer Chocolate (Dessert Cake Only)
*Thin Layer Caramel (Dessert Cake Only)
Thin Layer Turtle (Dessert Cake Only)
*Sour Cream Pound Cake (Dessert Cake Only)
Cream Cheese Pound Cake (Dessert Cake Only)

*Buttermilk Pound Cake (Dessert Cake Only)
Cinnamon Apple Pound Cake (Dessert Cake Only)
Lemon Pound Cake (Dessert Cake Only)

Flavors...51 and growing daily! 
Here is a sample of our flavors. If you do not see what you are looking for, just ask! We can do almost any flavor imaginable!

* denotes most popular